Trip Essentials

If you are unsure about anything in the lead up to your walk, please don’t hesitate to call our office or send us an email.

Frequently asked questions

Relaxing on the helipad at Barn Bluff Hut after the first days walk.The following are a few frequently asked questions about the Cradle Mountain Huts Overland Track Walk that you may find useful.

For Winter Walks FAQs please click here.

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How often do trips depart?

Our 6-day trips depart daily from 1 October through to 1 May each season, and our 4-day trips depart on selected dates during the same period.

Walk accommodation

Our groups have exclusive use of the only private hut accommodation along the Overland Track.  Each hut has been discreetly located off the main trail and offers hot showers, a drying room and a dining and lounge area.  The huts have 5 twin rooms with comfortable beds.

Breakfast in Barn Buff HutEnjoy a hot shower after a days walk

How many guests will be on my trip?

Each trip requires a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 guests. All accommodation is twin share.

If you book on as a single walker and the trip fills to capacity, you may share a room with another walker of any gender.

How fit do I need to be?

As long as you exercise regularly, are capable of walking an average of 10 km for six consecutive days, and are comfortable with varied terrain, you’ll be fine!

There are obviously steep sections, however this is part of the whole experience. Each day, there is plenty of time to sit and rest as well as explore, so you won’t feel rushed.  

If you are interested in doing more of the side trips (such as Mt Ossa), you may want to partake in extra training to accommodate the additional challenge.

If you are joining an 'Adventure' departure, a higher level of fitness is required, as there will be additional mountain climbs and side trips on most days.

If you have any concerns about fitness, please call 03 6392 2211 and speak with one of our friendly Reservations staff members. We are more than happy to discuss additional information about what you can expect.

How much weight do we carry?

On the morning of your departure, the guides will carry out a thorough gear check to ensure you have suitable gear and help you reduce pack weight.

If you adhere to our gear list (see below), your pack will likely weigh between 8.5 and 9.5 kg. With special attention to reducing pack weight, your pack and its contents can weigh as little as 7.5 kg. 

The pack and Gore-tex jacket that we provide have a combined weight of 2.5 kg, leaving 5- 7 kg for your personal items.

What do we carry?

Each person must carry their lunch, wet weather gear, spare clothes for the hut, thermals, and warm clothing, plus any extras, such as a camera. For detail please refer to the gear list below.

Backpack provided by usWalking boots with ankle support

What style of boots should we have?

You will need lace-up hiking boots that cover the ankle and have sturdy, treaded soles (full-grain leather or Gore-tex with Vibram soles recommended; click here for a range of examples).

We cannot over-emphasise the importance of appropriate footwear. Lower-profile hiking shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, approach shoes, sand shoes, elasticised boots and similar are not acceptable.  Boots must be worn in to minimise the risk of blisters. The Overland Track is quite unique in the nature of its terrain. You will be unable to commence the walk without the appropriate footwear, so please feel free to contact us for more details. We are more than happy to discuss footwear with you.

Do we need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend travel insurance. Consideration needs to be given to our cancellation policy, injury, evacuation, delayed flights, illness, etc. Please see our Booking Terms & Conditions for details and contact us if you have any questions.

How many guides are there?

Our guides are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, educated interpreters and fantastic cooks all rolled into one. Two (2) knowledgeable guides accompany each trip. This allows plenty of time for interpretation at interesting points along the track, photo opportunities, rest breaks and walking at your own pace.

How about food?

The guides prepare scrumptious three-course meals each night. We are quite happy to cater for special dietary requirements. We just need to know in advance.

Antipasto platter and wine after a days walkFreshly prepared gourmet food on The Overland Track

For example, here is the dinner menu served at Kia Ora Hut on Day 4:

On arrival at hut:
Antipasto platter, including Ashgrove cloth-matured cheddar, Lactos brie, Tasmanian pickled onions, pesto dip, dried apricots and cashews.


Hearty minestrone soup

Main course:
Forest mushroom and pea risotto with parmesan

Freshly baked cherry pie with cream

What time does the trip commence and conclude?

At the start of your walk: we ask you to be at our walker’s base at Quamby Estate at 7:15am for a 7:20am sharp briefing.  This allows forty minutes for introductions and a gear check at Quamby before departing for the Cradle Mt -Lake St Clair National Park at 8.00am.

For those staying in Launceston CBD, we offer a complimentary shuttle service from The Sebel Launceston. You will need to be ready at the front of The Sebel at 6:40am for a 6:45am sharp departure. Due to tight time frames on the first morning of the walk, we do not have the capacity to pick up from several locations.

At the conclusion of your walk: the group will arrive back at Quamby Estate at approximately 5.00pm. There will be a shuttle bus departing at 6.00pm, which goes via the airport at approximately 6.30pm, arriving back at The Sebel Launceston at about 6.45pm.

What accommodation options do we have pre-and post-walk?

Quamby Homestead is located 25 minutes west of Launceston, and it is a great pre- and post-walk option. The homestead is located on the same estate as our walkers' base (only 100m away), so it is very convenient. Given this, Quamby is an ideal place to stay before and after your walk.

Quamby has beautifully appointed rooms in one of Tasmania’s premier historic homes. The homestead offers continental and hot breakfast options, as well as an airport shuttle service. Quamby also offers special rates for our walkers. We are able to assist you in making your booking, or you can contact them directly, at or 03 6392 2135. 

Entally Lodge 15 minutes west of Launceston offers a discounted rates for people walking with us.  The lodge is newly renovated and bookings can be made by calling 03 6393 3200 or email If you choose to stay at Entally it is essential that you let us know,  so we can to pick you up on the morning of your departure.

The Sebel Launceston is our recommended option in Launceston CBD, and they also have a special rate available for our walkers.  Please contact The Sebel directly to make a booking, by emailing or calling 1800 990 9705 (the discount will not apply to bookings received via their online booking facility). Our complimentary shuttle transfer from Launceston city departs from The Sebel, and they also offer pre-walk breakfast options, which you can arrange at check-in.

Be sure to mention that you are walking with Cradle Mountain Huts and your departure date at time of booking to receive the discount. 

There are  many other accommodation options in and around Launceston. If  you choose to stay somewhere other than The Sebel prior to your walk, please ensure you are ready for the pick up outside of The Sebel's reception at the designated time. 

Upon your return, our shuttle can drop you at any hotel within the Launceston CBD.

Are there age restrictions?

The minimum age for guests walking with us is 12 years old.  There are no upper age restrictions, however, for guests walking with us who are 69 or above we do require a GP to sign off on a letter we provide.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information.


Call: (03) 6392 2211


Gear checklist

BackpackThe items on the gear list below will be packed into your 50-litre pack (provided) and carried by you.

If followed correctly, your pack should weigh between 8.5 and 9.5kg and could even weigh as little as 7.5kg.

For the Winter Walks Gear list please click here.

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Essential Gear List

When you arrive at our walkers' it would be great if you could have all the gear you intend to take with you separated from any other luggage (perhaps in a garbage bag).  This will make the packing process run more smoothly.

  • Lace-up hiking boots that cover the ankle and have sturdy, treaded soles (full-grain leather or Gore-tex with Vibram soles recommended; click here for a range of examples)

We can not over-emphasise the importance of appropriate footwear. Lower-profile hiking shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, approach shoes, sand shoes, elasticised boots and similar are not acceptable. Boots must be worn in to minimise the risk of blisters. The Overland Track is quite unique in the nature of its terrain. You will be unable to commence the walk without the appropriate footwear, so please feel free to contact us for more details. We are more than happy to discuss footwear with you.

  • Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper/pullover 
  • Light jumper (warm)
  • Beanie or balaclava
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Waterproof over-pants (nylon, PVC or Gore-tex)
  • Gaiters (long gaiters, reaching just below the knee; for protection against mud and rough vegetation)
  • Shorts and/or light walking trousers
  • Thermal base layer (long-sleeved top and long johns - merino or polypropylene; 2 sets preferred)
  • Warm, long pants (evening hut wear)
  • Shirts/t-shirts (merino or polypropylene; 3 recommended)
  • Socks (3 pairs recommended)
  • Underwear
  • Lightweight indoor footwear (thongs/sports sandals; for hut use)
  • Sun hat & sunscreen (small bottle for use during the day)
  • Travel towel or body chamois (for showering; light and quick-drying)
  • Water bottle(s) or water bladder (2-litre total capacity required; our packs can fit a water bladder - just ask your guides)
  • Head torch or small torch 
  • Lightweight, compressible day pack (essential for adventure departures, recommended for regular departures - should pack down to pocket size; available for purchase at our walking base)


Recommended Gear List

  • Walking poles (highly recommended for negotiating rocky terrain and muddy patches, as well as assisting with balance and muscle fatigue)
  • Camera
  • Spare batteries or USB power cord for camera (there is one charging station in each hut, with 2 USB ports and 1 cigarette lighter socket)

Optional Gear List

  • Bathers
  • Small mirror (especially if you wear contact lenses)

What we provide

  • 50-litre canvas pack (One Planet brand) (available on the morning of departure)
  • Rain jacket (3-layer membrane; waterproof and breathable) (available on the morning of departure)
  • Pack cover and pack liner
  • Sleeping sheet and pillow case (sleeping bags provided)
  • Lunch container, cutlery and travel mug
  • Basic toiletries (sunscreen, after sun care, insect repellent, Sorbolene-based moisturiser; available at each hut)
  • Bio-degradable liquid soap (also suitable as a shampoo; available at each hut - we would appreciate it if you used our soap, as it is phosphorus-free and suited to our greywater systems)
  • Small torches (available at each hut)
  • Hut libraries offering a range of books and games (including field guides; some titles are available in every hut along the track)

* Please note: any luggage not required on your walk can be stored at our office and will be returned to you at the conclusion of your walk.

Gear hire

  • Bushwalking Hire Gear Tasmania has gaiters, over pants, head torches and walking poles available for hire
  • Hire gear must be pre-booked at least 1 week prior to departure 
  • Gear will be delivered to our walking base ready for collection on the morning of your departure
  • To organise hire gear please visit 

Available for purchase at our walkers' base

  • Pocket day packs
  • Overland Track maps
  • Overland Track track notes
  • Cradle Mountain Huts branded merino t-shirts
  • And more!

* Tip: Layering of clothing has long been the basis for dressing in the outdoors and the gear list above follows this principle. When the temperature drops, we add another layer of insulation; if it rains, we add a rain shell on top and when it’s warm and dry, we strip off a layer.

* Your comfort and enjoyment are of paramount importance to us, and our intention is to keep your pack weight to a minimum. Aim for one set of warm clothes for evening and another set to wear whilst walking. Thermals are necessary due to their lightweight, quick-drying and warm properties.

* While the huts include drying rooms for wet gear, they do not incorporate laundry facilities. If you adhere to the packing list, you should be all set for the duration of your walk.

* Please note that guides will do a thorough gear check prior to departure. If you are unsure about anything on the gear list, please call us or talk to your local outdoor adventure store.