Exclusive Accommodation

Our groups have the exclusive use of the only private hut accommodation along the Overland Track.  Each hut has been discretely located off the main trail and offers a hot shower, drying room and twin share accommodation.

Private Huts

One of the private huts used by Cradle HutsA hearty meal after a long days walk

There are games and a number of books in each hut, which can be enjoyed in the lounge area or, in warm weather, out on the deck or helipad.

There will be afternoon tea, as well as some time to relax and enjoy your surroundings before dinner is served.  In the evening, you are free to relax or take an early night and feel refreshed and revived in the morning

Operating the only private hut accommodation along the Overland Track is a great privilege, and we take our responsibility toward the National Park & the natural environment very seriously. Operating in such a delicate environment, Cradle Mountain Huts places a great deal of importance on minimal impact track and hut practices and the huts are designed to be ecologically sustainable.  Each hut is architecturally designed to maximize cross flow ventilation and operate with maximum efficiency with renewable energy.

The remote location of the huts demands that they are autonomous in terms of servicing; rain water is chanelled off the roofs into tanks, and the huts incorporate self-composting, water-free batching toilets.  We provide phosphorous-free soap for our guests, and all waste water is separated through grease traps and sand filters. The residue is regularly removed from each site, along with all other rubbish.  Gas and solar are the only sources of power, used for lighting, heating and cooking.

Provisioning of these huts is a unique procedure, once again due to their remote location. Only twice each season, supplies of food, wine and gas cylinders are flown in by helicopter over a two-day period, while all garbage and waste matter is flown out. Nothing is left within the National Park. 

What are people saying?

Afternoon tea on the HelipadTwin share rooms in our private huts